Weather & Climate


Our weather and climate navigation expert has a background of practical marine experience in large and small vessels forecasting at sea for over 35 years. ACM has knowledge of ocean and coastal meteorology and forecasting, commercial qualifications and experience in oceanography, voyage planning and other issues of weather and climate involving the marine industry.

Expert Reports Climate Reports & Historical Data

Our team at ACM can provide expert advice for a range of matters including expert reports and expert witness for both marine, land and aviation. ACM has been providing expert witness and reports to the marine and aviation industry since 2000 and forecasting at sea since 1984. Our expertise includes most aspects of weather and climate and focuses on all aspects of the industry including international shipping and insurance. There can be many different aspects of litigation involving weather and climate whether on land or at sea and ACM is able to assist you with this. We have worked on several major cases including class actions, insurance related matter and individual claims including sourcing historical weather and climate data.

ACM can also provides reports for companies and other entities for risk management related to climate and climate risks including extreme weather events.

Expert Witness Sourcing & Co-ordination

At ACM, we can work with you to source the right expertise for your needs. We work with companies and law firms to liaise with weather and climate experts to assist them with the management of those experts.

Tailored Forecasting

ACM can provide meteorological reports and assistance for projects on a long term or short term basis including obtaining historical data, working on future voyage plans or devising a strategy to assist you to co-ordinate and manage the meteorological aspects of your business including expertise, instructions and equipment.

Technology and Communications

ACM has expertise in technological issues and can  assist with sourcing a specialised technical expert for all disciplines relating to communications for weather and forecasting at sea or in remote areas. We can assist with experts for satellite networks, communications, information technology at sea and other areas involving technology and communications related to weather and forecasting.