Our navigation expert has a background of practical marine experience in large and small vessels. from the sextant to the electronics chart. Our expertise extends to ocean and coastal navigation, oceanography, onboard navigation and port operations involving navigation issues.

Expert Reports

Our team at ACM are able to provide expert advice for a range of matters including expert reports and expert witness for navigation and aspects associated with that including electronic navigation, chart work, management of navigation stations, project management.

Expert witnesses in navigation can assist you with litigation or advice generally involving many aspects of the field including large commercial vessels, small craft, voyage planning, charts (electronic and paper), safety and compliance and regulation. There can be many aspects of expertise required in  litigation involving issues surrounding navigation.

ACM has expertise in technological issues and can assist with sourcing a specialised technical expert for all disciplines relating to navigation such as information technology at sea and other areas involving electronics related to navigation.

Expert Witness Sourcing & Co-ordination

At ACM, we can work with you to source the right expertise for your needs. We work with companies and law firms to liaise with experts in the field of navigation and assist with the management of those experts. ACM has been providing navigation expertise for expert witness, advice for practical expertise at sea and reports since 1984. We can source expertise in many aspects of navigation including AIS, VTS, radar and port procedures.

Navigation and Project Management

ACM can provide reports and assistance related to navigation for projects on a long term or short term basis including project management for setting up a vessel’s navigation station, obtaining historical data, working on future voyage plans or devising a strategy to assist you to co-ordinate and manage the navigation aspects of your business including expertise, instructions and equipment.

We are members of industry bodies who are at the leading edge in the development of navigation and members of the Australian Institute of Navigation. Our expertise includes hundreds of thousands of miles at sea navigating the oceans and waterways of the world.